Services & Packages

The world today is chaotic and it’s always at your fingertips. How do you take in all of the input and focus on what matters? Through using techniques like reiki, sound bowl healing, breath work, and heart-centered hypnotherapy, Lisa helps you get in touch with your true self and focus on what’s important to you.

Holistic Healing Session: Breath Work, Sound Healing & Reiki

1 hour – $90

We begin on the massage table as I guide you into a deep relaxation – then we start the breath pattern. During the breath work I use music, sound therapy, aromatherapy, subliminal messages, and Reiki to take you into your heart where you connect with self, heal wounds of the past, and experience an overall sense of relaxation and bliss.

Private Yoga

1 hour – $90

A private yoga class tailored to your specific needs.

Sound Bowl Healing

45 minutes – $80

Lay comfortably on the massage table as you drift off into the sounds of the bowls, the smells of aromatherapy, and the energy of Reiki.

Group Breath Work

1 hour – $100

2-3 people

Groups of two or three are guided into a relaxation and a breath pattern to help with awakening, relieve stress and grief, and feel a since of overall bliss.

Vascular Therapy

30 minutes – $30

Experience the Bemer. It’s a non-invasive Bio Electric mat designed to increase blood flow and help with circulation.

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